The Beauty of Intergration

A Joomla Member Management System - Manage your practice one Member at a time.

Integrate your members through an online portal with all your specific evaluations and correspondence to other health care specialists

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Medical Practice Management Software

What it will do for you
  • Patient Management - Patients can be grouped in families with various access levels for each individual patient.
  • Patient Profiles - See patient data from previous assessments in patient profiles.
  • Graphs & Charts - Patient data is used to compile and visually display present status and progress.
  • Patient Assessments - Patient assessments are all done as biokineticist evaluates the patient.
  • Assessment Types - Choose different types of assessments that suits your practice.
  • Team Management - Manage your staff with different access levels and permissions.
  • Other Medical Specialists - Create access for other medical practitioners dealing with your clients.
  • Communicate - Communicate to your members and other medical practitioners via email through preset templates that draw charts and graphs from patient data
  • Individually Tailored - Each form, graph, table and email template is tailored to your specific practice and need.
  • Ease of Input - Use any smart device or computer for client data input.
Do I need a website?

Coral is a web-based application. So you need a Joomla website where the portal to the application can run.

When Signing Up you will be able to choose to use your exsiting site or have a new website. You can also choose between a very simple pre designed site or a fully customated site intergarted with your your portal

If you do not want the website option we can set up only the portal but then your clients will not be able to view their profiles and data. If you really no not want a frontend website contact us to help you look at available options.

Do I need a domain name

Yes, you will need a domain name.

You can choose to buy a new domain name through us or use your existing domain name when Signing Up
I have a Wordpress Website.

Coral runs exclusively in Joomla because Vast Development Method has a long standing relationship with the Joomla community. Our core developer is part of the Joomla Software Architecture & Strategy Team.

Read this article to get a better perspective.
How do I pay?
Currently we accept EFT Payments to our Namibian bank account or pay with Paypal. Get Started Today!
What happens if I do not continue with payments

You will loose access to the portal. If we have not heard from you for more than 2 weeks after outstanding payment your database as well as website will be permantly removed.

Please contact us via our ticket systemc to lodge any concerns. We will help you look at available options.
I have a different company / medical practice. Can I request more additions applicable to my needs?
Coral is fully expandable to meet your needs when you make them known to us. Please contact us to make application a reality.

Become part of the community!

Coral Features


A key feature of Coral Applications is integration.

At last everything your company does becomes collaborated under one roof with Coral!

Our goal is full integration of all business aspects as Coral grows


Meeting your specific campany's needs, whether big or small. Dealing with big databases is no problem for Coral. It runs as efficiently as when you start small.

Coral grows with you as your company expands both in capacity and capability.


Never get stuck alone

Coral supports you through well trained staff attending to you questions and problems as soon as you get stuck.

Local support for Namibia


Coral is a community.

We provide seamless collaboration between various professions, partners, and disciplines through different online and telephonic communication channels.


Future development is made simple with Coral.

Coral can be expanded with new applications to meet your specific needs cost efficiently because you only pay an initiators fee and not for full development and ownership.


We are here to not only help you reach your goals, but even to excel.

Managing your practice is key to success.

Save time and money by reducing redundency and paperwork.

How Coral Benefits You

Efficient Management

Run your practice more efficiently spending less time with paperwork.

Save Time

Working more efficiently reduces patient wait times.

More Revenue

Efficiency always means more revenue as you safe time

Streamlined Workflow

Standardized system maintains peak performance minimizing redundancies.

Patient Privacy

Adheres to International privacy standards protecting your patients

Data Security

All data has permissions set to protect it in various ways.

Better Communication

Sending out reports becomes significantly less time consuming

Happy Employees

Simplified assessments, ease of data input and immediate result feedback

Patient Retention

Keep your patients records available for their reference & motivation.

Quality Patient Care

Practice management allow providers to focus on quality care rather than administration.

Reduce Errors

Standardized system effectively reduces errors compared to hand-written provider notes.

Enhanced Documentation

Instantly document to minimize errors that may occur when lags exist, limiting reliance on memory.

Can’t find your answer?

Dont hesitate to get in contact with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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