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The Vast Application Innovation you need!

At Vast Development Method we build applications for our clients that specialize in holistic software architecture that ensures stability and security while providing low complexity for the end user.

We go two steps further. As we develop applications and integrations for vast applications, we have made multiple tools available to the Freedom Software community to advance software development for all.

We have Simplified Workflow From Start to End

You can too with our Freedom Software applications
Introducing Joomla!® Component Builder


Scalable Development

Our greatest contribution is our flagship Joomla!® builder for extensions, components, modules, and plugins. Build extremely complex components in a fraction of the time.



The VDM branch for newly developed freedom software tools for fast and powerful handling of various complex tasks. Together we are constantly looking for more opportunities to extend, automate, and integrate critical business systems.

Meet OctoJoom

A Better Way to
Automate Deployment

Container Deployment Made Easy for Joomla!® Super easy, fast, and robust.

Meet OctoJPack

Continuous Integration
and Delivery

Easy Joomla! Extension Packaging - OctoJPack is a particularly useful BASH script that simplifies extension installations on your Joomla! website as well as super fast updates with one simple upload.