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van der Merwe

With in the science of computer programming I find vast opportunities to really express my self with countless methods of development. This is what I like doing, since I get to be creative, disciplined and expressive of highly innovative ideas.

Open Source has revolutionized the whole software industry, to a much more friendly and supportive community, this sharing mindset is I think the face of the future, and road to success in technology. Using our skills to serve each other will always remain the most trusted means of a constructive business model. A method that will build long term relationships worth having.

Like the old proverb "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold."

Consultant & Speaker

Integration of Company Infrastructure
We are surrounded by so many systems, the ideal is to have them integrated, in a way that is truly cost effective. When you look back, you must be able to say, "Wow, that worked out well!"

Let technology work for you!

A Team Player

Working with teams of developers, graphic designers, and content writers has often proven extremly successful to get the job done well.
Understanding the responsibility of each player is what makes you a leader.

To train, coach and guide

Helping other succeed is what insures ultimate success!
Talks that inspire
With a unique perspective one is able to ignite other to reach for the seemingly impossible, by giving rememberable examples, proving that the innovation possibilities go far beyond our initial understanding.

Complex Simplicity

To be able to explain complex concepts in a simple way is trully what is required when we are looking to spark exitment in those around us. Not because the complexity is beyond their reach, but because we trully safe them the time it took us to understand that depth.

The stage of new convention!

Doing things faster and smarter is really the aim in terms of sustainability. So the question, how? The answer, conventions and trust! At its core that is technology. So be the first to share!
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