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A Namibian Company

Vast Development Method


To be a company that truly apply the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ in the market place. Not for personal gain, but as a testimony that His understanding and teachings are the firmest foundation anyone can build on.

Purpose & goals


We started VDM to facilitate the development of various business enterprises in the arena of computer science, industrial manufacturing and art.

All the individual efforts function as a whole for the greater vision to remain sustainable within a globally unstable financial atmosphere.


  • To provide user friendly web based experiences
  • To make complex systems easy to understand and use
  • Integration of every aspect of your company's infrastructure
  • Support open-source projects
  • Pursue sustainable development
  • Remain a leader in innovation
  • Support charitable initiatives
  • To train, coach and guide

At VDM we continue to strive to stay relevant within the ever-moving target of online application development, and at the same time provide seamless integration for our customers and their clients.

Comprehensive Skills

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