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We specialize in
content-rich design.

With many years of website designing experience we aspire to excellence!

Our services


Brainstorming - Project management

Each of our projects first gets well documented and mapped into our project managment system (

During this process we get to know your exact needs, and work towards best outlining the strategic steps and goals needed to achieve your objectives with professional advice and innovative foresight.

User Experience

Functionality - Affective - Robust

As one of the key aims of all software is excellent user experience. We are constantly making improvements to the front-end designs of our products to achieve the best productivity outcomes possible.


Graphic - Creative - Aesthetic
With all the improvement in photography and graphic design we have a great advantage to make the most technology. Keeping up to date with newest trends we like to think that we remain cutting edge with the visual appeal our clients need.
Llewellyn van der Merwe

"Being Joomla experts, we have advance developers, software architects, and graphic designers. Therefore we have given rise to a whole host of extentions and revolusionary projects."

"Trust, Faithfulness, Honesty, Transparency, and Dependability"

These Words are Our Ideals
SEO & Senior Software Development Manager


Content Architecture

Plan - Engineer - Execution
Just making your idea, service or product known these days are no longer enough. You need to understand your audience and their perceived searching skills. Basically you must make yourself be found!

We help you stand out, and not just to be noticed, but valued!


Identity - Awareness - Impress
Most of the time our client already have a brand they are busy promoting!

Our focus is to boost that brand through design and a consistant theme. If the current impression of your company, product or service are not that well defined, we assist you towards making a clear and memorable impact.

Online Marketing

SEO - Analytics - Target
Each industry has its market! We therefore with a prime and absolutely critical focus of giving you the best vantage point. The right strategy at the right time makes all the difference. Let us take you there, and beyond!

Website Design

Layout - Performance
With the use of Joomla! the best CMS in the world, we are fully committed and able to build what you need, when you need it, and that with the highest possible standard.

Comprehensive Skills

Joomla!© Products

Joomla!© Component Builder

Application Development

Website Services