Joomla vs Wordpress

It's no longer a matter of competition between the world's most used Content Management Systems. It is rather a matter of competency to fulfill a task best it can.

The challenge

Considering at Joomla as an option for managing your content online we are not trying to compete against the more popular Wordpress. Wordpress websites fulfills their niche very well as content rich informational sites which makes the blogger's dream a reality. This makes it the choice for the majority of websites.

At Vast Development Method we bring web based applications to the table which excels in user-based functionality, security, and extensive data manipulation. We are not competing for the nr 1 spot in the majority race. Instead we want to fulfill our niche with the best content management system for the job.

Our Objective

Creating content and displaying it to users of the world wide web has become a very quick and simple operation, and rightly so. VDM however specializes in web-based application development that takes you website to the next level. No longer do we simply interact through content with your users but we develop applications that replace traditional desktop software for many reasons.
  • Most users today are online whether through their phone, laptop, or tablet. Web-based applications allows users to independantly enter and access data without the need of installing software on their systems.
  • User managment is important to us. With Joomla control over user groups is made simple. Yet Joomla's advanced permission structures gives you full control over your data security and privacy in accordance with international standards.
  • Expertise - We have invested both significant amounts of time and money in Joomla component development. JCB (Joomla Component Builder) has been a Vast Development Method flagship for rapid component development.
  • Robust - Joomla, in our experience, is like a 4x4 workhorse or a multipurpose van of content management systems. There is definitly more Wordpress sedans on the road and they do an excellent job but that is not why we build sites with Joomla. We need to build sites that can take the load and be versatile at the same time.

Why Joomla is still working for us

Our lead developer has been working in the Joomla framework for more than 10 years. As he fought through many challenges and difficulties of Joomla 2 he realized that he is gaining precious experience that money cannot buy. He has often been confronted, begged, and challenged to move over to the more popular Wordpress CMS. But for more reasons than simple loyalty he has stuck it out with Joomla and has gained insights into the system as a whole that enables him to harness its strengths and circumvent its weaknesses.

Though there is much talk about how easy a Wordpress setup is, the same can be said of Joomla. Everything has a learning curve and once you find your feet in a system and its method of operation, that is what you will find easiest. If it happens to be Wordpress where you started then you are most likely stay within its confines as it becomes your knowledge base.

If you happen to read this article wanting to make a knowledgeable choice regarding which content management system to use for your new website consider Joomla.
Perhaps you have run into limitations with Wordpress and want to take you webiste to new application heights that give full customization, security user accessability that is secure and private consider Joomla. It was and is still competent to run major robust systems.

In conclusion there is not a perfect CMS out there. But there is definitely some build more with the purpose of fulfilling special tasks than others. Eventhough CMS Critic's readers has voted Joomla best CMS in specific categories for 6 consecutive years (2014 - 2019) they still hold to the fact that there is not a best CMS out there. Still we at VDM have found the most competent one for our purpose. Joomla!.

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