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Joomla Component Builder

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Was $299 Now completly free

The Component Builder for Joomla that is highly advanced, truly able to build extremely complex components in a fraction of the time.

The Most Advanced Joomla Component Builder ever! Ultimate!

  • Joomla Components. Adding mySQL Dump to any View/Table.
  • Grab existing Table data and build a dynamic dump.
  • Unlimited Tables/Views.Reusing Views and Fields.
  • All Joomla fields, and custom field linking to multipal tables and components.
  • Runs on Your Own Joomla Install.
  • Is completely open-source.
  • Add Dynamic/custom back-end views that uses Table and Chart result sets.
  • Import custom code from component during development.
  • Build data query of extreme complex nature to use in Dynamic/custom views.
  • Highly Dynamic/custom Front-end Structures.
  • Dynamically setup templates and layouts for Front-end design.
  • Add Update Server to Components.
  • All Joomla Standard Field Types (including repeatable fields).
  • Build advanced Dynamic front-end forms.

  • Strong Implementation of all Joomla Form Security.
  • Dynamic data queries from multiple tables.
  • Direct install from complier view.
  • Place in local GIT folder, and publish to sales server.
  • Multi language file builder.
  • Integrative with native Joomla Categories and Tags.
  • Component config options can be added.
  • Include any amount of custom files and folders during build.
  • SQL for new fields or views added during development are dynamicly created and added to component.
  • Fully Dynamic Search Friendly URL Auto Implementation.
  • Reusing custom script blocks in any component.
  • Static helper methods can easily be added.
  • Custom scripting options all over the MVC structure.
  • and so much more....

Just Imagine

  • Your Component Back-end can be more advanced then the Joomla Article Manager.
  • Your Code as Perfectly Unified to the strict Joomla Standards.
  • Adding Custom Scripting almost anywhere in the MVC structure.
  • Import and export feature to all backend-views.
  • Batch copy and move/update feature for all backend-views.
  • History tracking per/change made on any back-end item.
  • Dynamic field control, to show and hide fields in amazing ways.
  • Front-end freedom of design that allows for any library to be used.
  • This and much much more are all possible with this component builder!

You are in Control

  • You can change the licensing template for your components.
  • You can change/improve existing field types and add more.
  • Line numbers to show where in compiler was the code build.
  • You can improve the component since all code are open-source.
  • You need only pay us once and use the component forever.
  • You can dynamically add internal help structures to all component.
  • There is no limitations on how big or how much you want to build (server limitation only).
  • This is a complete factory kind of component that functions like a deployment hub.
  • This and much much more are all possible with this component builder!

The Real Deal

Unexpected Success

We have component on github that is highly advanced and was fully build with this Joomla Component Creator. So you can take a look at the code structures and on top of that you can also buy the component builder with these demo components in it as a examples of how we did it.

Building Component Builder

Component Builder already builds it self, this is amazing!!! Now you can purchase this amazing tool with it self as a demo component to see how we structurally were able to build Component builder with Component builder.
The Absolute Wow factor!!!

Export & Import

Power to move, share & sell
You can with great easy now share your JCB components with other JCB developers.

Extreme & Wow

Work on the installed component (in the IDE), then on the next compiling, JCB will import your custom code, store it and place it back in to the new component.


Manage your component translations in JCB. With the option to reuse the translation accross all components in JCB.

JCB is Open-Source & Free

Component Builder is like Linux, it is free and all its features and concepts are
totally open-source on github.
But to learn how it works and get better support, you must contribute to the project financially. That is why you pay for the tutorials, and demo data.

Try it out today since it is free and will always be.

A Joomla Component

JCB can be installed on your own Joomla website, and so development can be done in your local inviorment so insuring the pivacy and ownership of your component development with no fear of seeing your ideas stolen.

Free Demo Content

JCB comes with some basic demo content that helps you see how a basic component is maped. You can import this demo component into JCB.

More Demo Content

We have a few components full maped in JCB that can be purchased, they will server you well to see and explore some of the more advacned featurs of JCB.

Need help?

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